Government to develop 10 new cities across the country

December 12, 2012 By: parakhi

The government has announced that it plans to develop 10 new cities across the country. According to the New Towns Development Project (NTDP), the work on infrastructure development has already begun. NTDP plans to build the towns along the Mid-Hill Highway.

The government will develop new cities in Phidim of Panchthar, Basantapur of Terhathum, Khurkot of Sindhuli, Baireni-Galchhi of Dhading, Dumre Bhansar of Tanahu, Burtibang of Baglung, Chaurjahari of Rukum, Rakam Karnali of Dailekh, Sanphebagar of Achham and Patan of Baitadi district. According to NTDP officials, the places have been selected on the basis of availability of land, access to transportation and drinking water and potential for economic development.

The government plans to implement the project under the 20 year perspective plan. According to government officials, the new cities will help to reduce population growth in big cities in the country.  The government has also requested the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and other commercial banks to provide grants and loans for the project.

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