Has college prepared me for the "real life"?

January 9, 2012 By: shristy

Knowing that this will be my last semester in college freaks me out because it will be the only one left before I graduate. Graduating college comes with a mixed feeling of excitement and stress because we will be entering the “real life.” But how much has our college education prepared us for the life out there?

Graduation is an accomplishment filled with excitement because it is a moment of celebration to all those four years of hard work and sleepless nights. When you think about it, it is indeed exciting but at the same time it comes with so much responsibility. Moving out of college, a place that has been your home for four years will be difficult. It will be a different world that is awaiting us. Years of hard work in college may finally pay off once you graduate. However, not everything we learned in college will be applicable in the “real life.”

One of my professors told us that once you graduate it means that you have the ability to be trained. It did not make sense to me then but today as I am getting closer to graduating I can relate to what she said. We have indeed been trained to follow the rigors of college life and work hard to achieve better grades and an education. We have been trained to follow instructions, and at times I could not understand why we are doing certain assignments in our courses. The rewards we receive in good grades and the sugar-coated recommendation letters are what counts at the end of the day.

I believe college provides us with the right tools to survive. We have a qualification now, that we can use to look for jobs. An employer looks not only for a bright student but also someone who can communicate effectively, work better in teams and is determined. This is when the hidden curriculum that is within our education system comes into play.  A college education trains us for more than what we are capable of acknowledging. It is not only in the education it provides us but also in the knowledge it imparts on us on how to achieve more in life.  

At times we might ask ourselves how will we get a job with the degree we are holding, but it is not only in the degree that a college gives us, it is beyond that. While we are so busy earning the degree, we would have learned so much outside of it. If I compare what I was when I started college to what I am now, I can see the difference in how much of discipline I have learned and how much of this college education has benefitted me. It is not just limited to the books we have studied. The hectic college life teaches us discipline and how to be prepared for the future indeed, which we all like calling the "real life."

Shristy is exploring her life right now and aims to make something good out of it. She enjoys what she is doing so far in her life and wants to learn as much as she can from everyday situations. She likes to write about anything that comes from her heart and anything that she believes in. She does spend a lot of time on facebook, just because she likes "socializing."

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